The Meal Deals brings you the 6 Most Popular Maharashtrian Dishes everyone needs to try when they visit Maharashtra. Maharashtra, an epitome of diverse cultures in India, is widely known for the variety of dishes that it offers to its residents. With a sense of authenticity and rudimentary vibe in their culture, the use of raw spices and herbs add to the speciality of the food.

Below are the Famous Food items of Maharashtra that are Must Try:

1)Misal Pav:

Misal Pav - Maharashtrian Dishes

A mouth-watering dish that is worth the try if you aim at blowing your mind! The crunchiness of the misal fits perfectly with the doughy pav, adding a pinch of satisfaction to the delicacy. When seasoned with onions precisely chopped and sev which adds to the crispiness of the experience.  Misal Pav is also known as the king of Maharashtrian dishes. 

2)Vada Pav

Vada Pav - Maharashtrian Dishes

The most popular street food in Maharashtra is, without any doubt, Vada Pav. With stalls distributed all over the state, this fast-food makes travelling fun. The little spice brought in by green chillies and mint chutney combine with the sauteed onions making it cherishable.

3)Pithla Bhakhri

Pitha - Maharashtrian Dishes

Pithla Bhakri is a light-weight appetizer for Maharashtrians and unofficial staple food. As under-rated as it may seem, it is a special Maharashtrian dish which all conventional families relish.

4) Modak

Modak - Maharashtrian Dishes

The famous Maharashtrian festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, is incomplete without Modak. Modak is a sweet Maharashtrian dish which has its religious significance connected to Lord Ganesha, dearly worshipped all over the state and nation-wide. The coconut giving a fibre-taste to the soft outer wheat shell makes one savour every bit of it.

5) Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji - Maharashtrian Dishes

Little known is the fact that Pav Bhaji has its origin in Maharashtra. The perfect mash of vegetables with the creaminess brought along by butter fosters the temptation to give in to the delish. The sole aroma of the Maharashtrian dish can make the stomach growl with hunger.

6) Maska Bun

Bun Maksa

The sweet Maharashtrian delicacy is one of the most popular street food in demand. The palatableness of the butter along with the crusty bun is a must-try with Irani cafe chai. It might be a perfect start to a busy morning, being the perfect breakfast one fancies.

7)Puran Poli

Purani Poli

The yellow flatbread is one of the most Popular and Traditional Maharashtrian Dishes. It is mostly prepared during festive seasons. This sweet dish is made using jaggery, chana, coconut, cane sugar, net mug powder and wheat flour.

8)Keri Amti

This delectable dish is raw mango curry that is made during summers to help our body fight scorching heat of the Sun. The thick gravy is made using raw mangoes and Indian spices. Keri Amti tastes better when served with steamed rice.

9)Pandhra Rassa

Pandhra Rassa

Pandhra Rassa is one of the famous foods of Maharashtra. It is a soup made up from the broth of chicken or mutton, mixed with a coconut base and other spices. It is from the famous Kolhapur city which is commonly referred to as Paradise for non-vegetarian lovers.



It is a multigrain pancake popular in Western India. Rice, Wheat, Bajra, Jowar, Besan and Flour are the ingredients used to make this dish. The special type of dough used to make this marvellous dish is ‘bhajanee’.



Bombil commonly referred to as Bombay Duck is Mumbai’s popular seafood. Bombil is not a duck dish, it is made from lizardfish. Yup! It’s true. Farrukh Dhondy in his book ‘Bombay Duck’ explains that the dish’s name originally meant to be ‘BOMBAY DAAK’. When the British introduced the railways in India, Bombil started reaching Europe from Bombay. Large crates labelled as ‘Bombay Daak’ literally meaning Bombay Duck used to export Fish to Europe.