Coffee is a popular beverage in India. India consumes approximately 120,000 tons of coffee per year. About 80% of the coffee beans produced are exported to the other nations. There is an abundance of Coffee Brands and Shops that sell coffee in India.

Below are the Names of Most Reputed Brands that sell Coffee in the Nation.


Nescafe Coffee

Nescafe is a coffee brand by Nestle. It is one of the most popular coffee brands. Nescafe Sunrise and Nescafe Classic are the two most popular signature coffee. Nescafe Sunrise is cheaper than Nescafe Classic. Sunrise is more aromatic and Sweeter, whereas Classic has a bitter taste.


Bru Coffee

Bru instant coffee is a brand by Hindustan Unilever Limited. With 70% coffee and 30% chicory, Bru Instant is India’s first coffee- chicory mix instant coffee.

3)Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai is a popular coffee brand that sells high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. It has plantations in South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

4)Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee is a subsidiary of Tata Group. It has 19 coffee estates in South India.
TATA Starbucks Private Limited is a 50-50 joint venture company, owned by Tata Consumer Products and Starbucks Corporation. Tata Starbucks is now the biggest supplier of coffee beans to stores around the world.


Davidoff Coffee

Davidoff is a reputed coffee brand. It has a harmonious blend of refined Central and South American highland coffee beans.

6)Seven Beans

7 Beans

The Seven Beans Coffee Company is ‘crop-to-cup’ venture between Indian Coffee Growers and Italian Roasters. The brand offers both Arabica and Robusta beans.

7)The Indian Bean

The Indian Bean Coffee

The Indian Bean coffee company delivers coffee at your doorstep. It offers a wide range of freshly roasted coffee.



Lavazza is a great coffee brand. It is best for those with a modest budget and who enjoy their coffee with a little more acidity and robustness of flavour.

9)The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel grows some of the best coffee in the forested estates in Coorg. Coorg is a beautiful district in Karnataka.

10)Narasu Coffee


The Narasu’s Company launched in 1926 is now one of the popular coffee brands of India. The company follows all the essential norms and ensures that high-quality product reaches its customers.


The growing number of coffee shops in the country gets us to one point – India loves coffee. Now that we know some famous coffee brands that are available in our country, let’s find out about some famous coffee shops that make our soul awakening coffee.

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Lets head out to our very first location- Delhi, the capital and also the food capital of India.

1)United Coffee House

United Coffee House

United Coffee House is one of the best coffee shops in Delhi. Found in 1942, located at the heart of the city Connaught Place, this place is famous for its vintage interiors and royal ambience that takes its customers to 100 years back. The traditional Cona Coffee or the Filter Coffee with some delectable snacks is an ideal way to munch away the morning blues.

2)Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar is a perfect place where you can find ample drinks ranging from cocktails to soul awakening coffee. With its wooden interiors, light music this place becomes the ideal choice to spend your evening in a relaxed manner.

3)Cafe Tesu

Cafe Tesu

You say, you love coffee and yet haven’t been to Cafe Tesu? This place offers a diversified menu.
From options of heavy breakfast such as the English breakfast or the Carnivore breakfast to wild drinks such as Whisky barrel coffee, this place is best for coffee lovers.
The Mediterranean style walls and bright coloured coffee jars act as the cherry on the top of the cake.



To talk of best cafes and not to mention Diggin would be the greatest sin!
It is the pride of Delhi. This coffee shop is an ideal place if you want a break from your monotonous schedule. Just order your favourite type of coffee and pair it up with your favourite snack and you are good to go.

5)Ivy and Bean

Ivy and Bean Coffee Shop

Ivy and Bean have every type of coffee from Doppio to Macchiato to Americano. This place has a beautiful bookshelf and the facility of free Wifi. So what are you waiting for? Go book your table now!

Now let’s march up to India’s largest city- Mumbai. Mumbai has a large number of coffee shops. But what are the most famous ones? Scroll down to find out!

1)Bombay Coffee House

The Bombay Coffee House

The Bombay Coffee House is one of the best cafes in Mumbai. This place is well lit, with sunlight coming from the glass windows. It is an ideal place to do your work in serenity. They offer a wide variety of coffee and this place is pocket friendly too!

2)The Pantry

The Pantry

If you want a break from your hustle- bustle life, The Pantry is the best place for you. The Vintage interiors and walls will take you to the 19th Century Europe. This place offers the best Espresso and Cold Coffee that you will ever have!

3)The Boojee Cafe

The Boojee Cafe

This value for money cafe has the most courteous staff. The Boojee Cafe gives you the facility to customise your food. It has beautiful outdoor seating. It is a perfect place for Sunday brunch.

4)Kala Ghoda Cafe

Kala Ghoda Cafe

Kala Ghoda Cafe is a quaint little shop. It has a peaceful ambience. This place is ideal for coffee lovers as it offers a wide range of coffee at a reasonable price.

5)Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows Coffee Shop

Leaping Windows is a playful cafe that is ideal for coffee and book lovers. It has a large and a beautiful bookshelf with a wide range of books from Manga to graphic novels.
This elegant cafe is spread across two floors and a beautiful little basement. This place is quite famous for Vietnamese cold coffee and Coffee Frappe.

Let us now take a tour of the most famous coffee shops in one of the most beautiful and well-organised cities of India- Chandigarh.

1)The Willow Cafe

The Willow Cafe

The Willow Cafe is a haven for coffee lovers. A cup of coffee starts here from just Rs 135. It has a wide variety of food options to pair up with your coffee. The beautiful outside seating arrangement is ideal for those who love to drink their coffee in open.

2)Books and Brew

Books and Brew

This cosy coffee shop has a miraculous ambience that acts as a stress buster. Books and Brew has a wide range of games, books with a comfortable seating arrangement. Along with the coffee this place offers mouthwatering pizzas, pasta and sandwiches to satisfy your appetite.

3)French Press Cafe

French Press cafe

This coffee shop is a newbie in the world of coffee shops, yet it managed to occupy a position in our list. The interiors will take you on a short trip to 19th century France. With its authentic french press coffee, it will unequivocally make your taste buds shout with happiness.


Mocha  - The Meal Deals

Located in the famous Elante Mall, Mocha offers a tranquil environment to calm your nerves. The coffee here starts from just Rs 75. The authentic Italian coffee, traditional espresso and Americano are the most famous amongst all the Coffee Shops that are located here.

5)Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House  - The Meal Deals

This vintage Coffee Shop is best known for its filter coffee. It serves a wide range of delectable South Indian meals that taste great with your coffee.

The next city on our list is the capital of Karnataka- BANGALORE.
Below is the list of the most famous Coffee Shops in Bangalore.


Zoey's coffee shop

Sound like Joey, Doesn’t it? Well if you’ll go to this marvellous cafe, there is a chance that you will become Joey because like Joey you won’t be able to share the delicious foods and the refreshing coffee that this place offers. It has beautiful lighting and artwork on the walls.

2)Cafe Down The Alley

Cafe down the alley coffee shop

Cafe Down The Alley offers a homely ambience and mostly has student crowd. This superhero-themed cafe offers a wide variety of beverages and delicious foods.

3)The Rouge Elephant

The Rogoue Elephant  - The Meal Deals

It is a garden cafe with a beautiful ambience. The Rouge Elephant cafe is a surreal place and is a perfect place for those seeking the calm in the chaos. Avocado and Mango salad are its specialities. This magnificent place offers a wide range of coffee from Doppio to Americano and is an ideal place for coffee lovers.


Champaca  - The Meal Deals

A bookstore and cafe all rolled up in one, Champaca is a perfect place to read your favourite novels in a peaceful environment. This place offers a wide range of desserts and is best known for its hot chocolate.

5)Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe - The Meal Deals

It is a gorgeous rooftop restaurant to hang out with your buddies and college mates. Om Made Cafe offers a wide range of beverages to quench your thirst.

The last city on our list is – Gurgaon. Lets checkout some amazing coffee shops in Gurgaon.

1)Another Fine Day

Another Fine Day -The Meal Deals

Another Fine Day is a place of happiness that even make your dull days fine and bright. It not only offers coffee but a wide range of wines and beers as well. It has an enormous bookshelf for avid readers. Not only that it offers board games too. This cafe is quite famous for its chicken salad and hot chocolate.

2)Roots – Cafe in the Park

Roots Coffee Shop

As the name suggests, its a coffee shop in the midst of a beautiful park. Roots- Cafe in the Park is a pet-friendly cafe and it also serves a buffet.

3)Greenr Cafe

Greenr Coffee Shop

Greenr Cafe serves only vegetarian meals. Not only that, but it also has Gluten Free and Vegan options. It will break your myth that vegan food is tasteless. It has a very positive, calming and welcoming vibe. Greenr Cafe has a large number of eco-friendly stuff displayed all over the cafe along with big piles of books to read. Check Deals


Onesta Coffee Shop

Onesta is a beautiful cafe that serves not only your favourite coffee but also the pizza buffet. Yep! You heard me right. Now you can have innumerable pizzas at an affordable price. They have pleasant interiors along with the rooftop seating arrangement.


Getafix Coffee Shop

Getafix is a small, gorgeous cafe. It has beautifully painted walls. It serves amazing breakfast dishes. The cosy and comfortable seating arrangement, courteous staff members and of course the amazing food attracts a large number of customers. Check Deals

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