Healthy Drinks - The Meal Deals

We all are aware of the importance of healthy eating in our lives. But do you have any inkling of how important it is to drink healthy? Yup! You heard me right, healthy drinking is as important for our body as is healthy eating. So let’s smash those soft drink bottles and leave aside those hard drinks and switch to some healthy, home-made, yummy and refreshing drinks. The Meal Deals brings you the 10 best healthy drinks you should start drinking to make yourself healthier.


Water is important for our health and life, so it deserves to be at the top of the list. It helps in carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cells, it helps to convert food into energy and removes toxins from our body. So what are you thinking? Go get yourself a glass of water and continue reading.


Beetroot juice increases our stamina, lowers blood pressure and increases flow oxygen to the brain. Beet juice is rich in magnesium, calcium and iron which are important for our body.


Coconut water ( Nariyal Pani) is one of the most refreshing drinks which is good for our liver. It helps in digestion and prevents bloating. It helps in maintaining electrolyte balance in our body and has huge magnesium levels.


Green tea is an unsweetened, hot beverage that improves brain function and helps in fat loss. It protects us against cancer and lowers the risk of heart diseases. It also helps prevent Type-2 Diabetes.


The bright red, refreshing drink is great for our health. It protects our body against prostate cancer, heart diseases and lung cancer. It acts as an oxygen mask and prevents arthritis.


The delicious drink has loads of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants in it which promotes cardiovascular health and improve our immune system. It not only helps in iron absorption but also provides us healthy and glowing skin.


The antioxidants present in this magical drink help in strengthening our immune system and relieves stress. It helps in soothing motion sickness and pregnancy-related nausea.


Milk is known as a complete food as it contains all the nutrients vital for human life. It prevents heartburns, reduces the risk of obesity and most importantly it is good for our bones.


The cool, summer drink has many health benefits. It is a great source of Vitamin- C, it hydrates our body, aids weight loss and purifies our skin by removing all toxins.

Also, Hot lemon water helps preventing constipation.


Hot Chocolate is a traditional thick beverage and one of the best drinks that relieves cramps and reduces stress. It is recommended to take it before sleeping as it promotes a night of healthy sleep. It has many antioxidants which are vital for our health.

These drinks are really yummy, delicious and great for our health. So what are you waiting for ? Grab your favourite drink and quench your thirst !!!!