Since the pandemic has been burdened upon our country and even globally, we all are intensely worried about our health and wish to take appropriate measures to enhance it. A perfect day begins with a perfect breakfast and the correct diet elements.

From experiences and what resources come down to, here are a few things that TheMealDeals recommends you to intake to brighten up your morning:

1) Water

As absurd as this may sound and as doubted the fact might be, water constitutes 90% of our diet. And is the first thing our body requires at the beginning of the day. It prevents constipation and helps one in the digestion of all that is consumed. It has been rightly known that we might prevail without food, but water is a basic necessity.


These are one of the lightest and yet the most meaningful elements in a proper diet. The benefits of which have been taught to us since childhood. Immunity being the most essential component in these unprecedented times is what comes along with dry fruits.


This beverage as a morning start is ideal for all those who like consuming liquids just as they begin their days. Green Tea is a metabolism booster for the body and gives incomparable energy to the consumer.


Eggs are the most substantial breakfast item to have for the long run. Not only it provides you with all the vital nutrients and proteins but also fills up your tummy if at all your lunch gets delayed due to various reasons.


For all the cereal lovers out there, this might be a perfect blend of nourishment and a relishing breakfast. Being rich in fibres, this helps in improved digestion and maintaining a good diet composition.

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