Origination of Tandoori Chai:

Amol Dilip Rajdeo, a B.Sc graduate along with his commercial business companion Pramod Bandkar, began out strolling India’s First Tandoori Chai corner, through the name ‘Chai La The Tandoor Tea’ in Pune.

Mr Amol said “In this particular tea-making process, clay pots i.e, kullhads are roasted in a pre-heated tandoor. Then, Semi-cooked tea is poured into the extraordinarily hot kullhads to bubble over because it finishes cooking. The warm clay pot lends the chai its smoky flavour. Once done, the piping the hot chai is served in another clean and smooth clay pot together with bun maska or biscuit. Now you understand what precisely tandoor chai is and the way it’s far made.

Amol Dilip were given the idea of ‘tandoor chai’ while he became ill and his grandmother made him a few turmeric milk / ‘haldi dudh’ and placed it close to a bonfire for it to re-heat. That’s how a touch concept popped in his head concerning tandoor chai that is now a massive success. Now you understand how tandoori chai originated.

Chai La The Tandoor Tea sells about 20 types of drinks all made in a tandoor which can be offered for INR 20 every for a 125 ml.

This country can by no means get sufficient of Chai. The most recent shape of our test is the Tandoori Chai that has become well-known in the highways of Pune.

Chennai might not have many alternatives whilst it comes to tandoori chai, however, we’ve got located a kiosk that serves its cause maximum intriguingly. What is unique approximately this, you ask? Just such as you experience your tandoori bird and chapatis, tandoori chai is made on a hot tandoor.

How Tandoori Chai is Made:

An earthen vessel is located on a warm tandoor, and whilst it receives heated up, masala-infused milk tea is poured into it, until it begins off evolved frothing. It is then taken out and positioned into another kulhad. The end result is the only we love – tea with smoky, earthy flavours. It is oh-so clean that it’ll make you click on your tongue. Let’s now no longer neglect about how the procedure slowly caramelises the sugar into the tea. This is precisely what you get on this little kiosk! But in case you need your everyday milk tea, they have got that too. We will manifestly advise you do that speciality though!

Tandoori Chai additionally serves lots of cookies and biscuits that you may experience with your chai, due to the fact what is so a laugh approximately an night-time tea in case you cannot experience freshly baked butter cookies with it? There are different candy types and onion samosas too! Or possibly you want a few wet fruit desserts with it.

Available places in Chennai to enjoy Tandoori Chai:

1)Near Tagore Arts & Science College, CLC Works Road, Shankar Nagar, Chromepet, Chennai. Karaikudi Raja Tea Stall.

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2)Tandoori Chai in Vadapalani, Chennai.

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Cost of Tandoor Tea 20
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3)Tandoori Chai kiosk is placed close to Vadapalani Bridge, in the direction of Hotel Bhīma’s from CMBT on its left-hand side. As the call suggests, it specialises in making tandoori chai.

4)Madarasee’s Tandoori Chai (MTC) located at 11, Taramani Link Rd, Mahathma Gandhi Nagar, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113. Serves the finest Tandoori Chai in the city.