KASHI NU MARAN ANE SURAT NU JHAMAN’ is a very well versed proverb which means it is considered holy to die in the auspicious land of Kashi along with experiencing a soulful feel by eating food in Surat. Surat is a place most famous for the street food it offers. The drool-worthy food is reason enough to lure visitors from various places giving them the satisfaction of visiting this place and making the experience worth it. Take a walk by any street in Surat and you will find numerous roadside stalls offering unparalleled food items that will relish your taste buds.



LOCHO, Street food Surat

Locho is a very popular surti breakfast. This gram flour is steamed and then it is seasoned with sev, oil, butter, spices, onion, etc. this is then served with green chutney which is a bit sweet in taste. The modified version of this steamed delicacy includes topping it with cheese, shezwan chutney, garlic, etc.



Patra is a dish served in various farsaan house of surat. To make it the taro root leaves are smeared with a sweet, spicy, and tangy besan or gram flour paste and stacked. They are then rolled and steamed. The steamed rolls are later deep fried. This dish is made in the houses of various Surti people as well.


Sev khamni, Surat Street food

Surti Sev khamni is a non-fried, delectable snack made with chana dal. It is soft and instantly melts in our mouth, the sev added as a garnishing factor adds a grainy texture making it crunchy. It has a sweet and spicy taste. Many vendors garnish it with pomegranates and serve it with green chutney.


Idli, Surat Street food

These are the speciality of surat when it comes to farsaan. They are simple breakfast options and withhold very easy recipes making them easily accessible for us to make at homes. They get along best with some onions and green chillies.


Khandvi, Surat Street food

Khandvi is also a part of the Surti farsaan prepared in two different ways that are in noodles form or rolls. It is a mixture of gram flour and buttermilk. It is also known as patuli, dahivadi or suralichi vadi.


Ratalu Puri, Surat Street food

These are deep-fried snacks loved by the Surti public. There are various Bhajiyas made available by the vendors like the tomato bhajiyas, onion bhajiyas, and many such others Ratalu Puri and Bataka Puri is also loved by many people and are taken as add ons when buying bhajiyas to have a variety of food.


Khichu, Surat Street food

Khichu is mainly a dough from which papads are prepared but in surat, they are traditionally sold by stall person with oil garnishes over it along with red chilli powder making it spicy in taste. It can be prepared from various types of flour like rice flour, wheat flour, bajri flour, nachani flour, jowar flour, etc.


Ponka Wada, Surat Street food

Ponka Wada is an authentic and traditional Gujarati snack made with finely chopped fenugreek leaves and chickpea flour. It is deep-fried and served with mint chutney.


Aloo Puri, Surat Street food

Aloo Puri is a traditional breakfast option in Surat. Small maida puris are topped with boiled potatoes and black gram garnishes with green chutney, tangy kokum chutney, finely chopped onions, sev, and crispy puri. This is definitely a must-try thing when you are visiting Surat.


Fafda, Surat Street food

Fafda is the most popular breakfast dish on Sundays for Surti people. Fafda tastes best when paired along with some jalebi. It is one of the most amazing combinations of relishes in every Gujarati household. The kadhi and the fried green chillies along with fafda make it altogether complete.


Undhiyu, Surat Street food

Undhiyu is a very famous mixed vegetable dish in surat and mostly made in the festival of uttarayan in every household or sold my many vendors as street food. Its name originated from the way it is cooked, that is, upside down in earthen pots which are fired from above. Undhu in Gujarati means upside down and hence the name. it is cooked very precisely at various stages and served with puri or roti.


Surti Bhel, Surat Street food

It is a very popular street food of surat due to its uniqueness as unlike any other ordinary bhel this Surti Bhel consists of peanuts instead of the usual mamra. The crunchiness of the peanuts clubbed with chatpata taste of the different verities of chutneys makes it a quick sack especially for school children.


Sevpuri , Surat Street food

It is something that can be very easily made at home but there is something different about the street-style sevpuri. Sevpuri is a very famous snack in Surat due to its sweet, spicy, and tangy taste which lingers in our mouths as the texture of each bite perfectly mingles with our taste buds. It is made by topping sev on papdi with other ingredients making it a very easy and quick dish to make.


Panipuri , Surat Street food

The reason why surti panipuri is renowned is because of the various flavours it offers of the water. It includes lasan, hajmahajam, pudina, and many more such flavours. Panipuri stalls are mostly crowded in surat wherever you go as it is the most loved street food in surat. It has various other names at different places like paani patashi, pani ke batashe, fulki, golgappa, phuska, fuska, gup- chup, pakodi, etc.


Dahi Puri, Surat Street food

A fan of curd and chaat? Dahi Puri is the perfect mix for you with the amalgamation of the most important ingredient- dahi and various other ingredients like green chutney, tamarind, or sweet chutney, finely chopped onions, and tomatoes along with sprinkled sev and some chaat masala, red chilli powder and salt as per taste.


Dabeli , Surat Street food

Dabeli is an extremely popular Gujarati street food made with Indian pav bread and stuffed with a blend of various masalas. It originated in kutch so it is widely known as kuchi dabeli at various places in Gujarat.


Vadapav, Surat Street food

Vadapav is street food in surat at various stalls and is most definitely a way out of your hunger pans. It is a spicy potato filling sandwiched between buns and layers of spicy garlic and green chutney. It was originated in Mumbai, Maharashtra but the love for it prevails in various streets of Gujarat.


Bread Pakoda

Bread slices are stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes filling, batter-coated, and then deep-fried. In surat, after it is deep-fried the Bread Pakoda is garnished with sizzling butter and chat masala which makes it 10 times tastier. It is then cut into half and served with tomato ketchup which just adds to the amazing flavour of this dish.



If in surat you must try the Mayonnaise Puff as it is a very tangy combination but a loved one. Surat street vendors not only offer mayonnaise puff but a variety of other puffs that are stuffed with cheese, cream, schezwan chutney, and many other such scrumptious flavours making it an absolutely loved dish.



Timepass is like vada pav but instead of getting a pakora stuffed in it, there is a different stuffing of cheese, mayonnaise, various chutneys like green chutney, red chutney, and chopped vegetables like beetroot, capsicum, onion, and your favourite wafers. You can order a solid Masti time pass or a cream and onion time pass according to the love you have for your wafers. It is fully packed with flavours.



Samosa is one of the most commonly eaten snacks across India. They are hugely popular and are loved by everyone. It is a deep-fried triangular-shaped flaky food filled with potato mostly, spices and herbs. The different thing about surti samosa is you will get a variety of samosa with varied stuffing from daal- Kanda to Chinese and many such more.


Dal Kachori

Dal Kachori is absolutely sensational in surat. It is a deep-fried dish made with ground dal sautéed along with spices and filled into a cover of maida and baking powder. It is then garnished with sev and best served with imli chutney and green chutney which makes it very enjoyable to eat.



If you are visiting the malls of surat in the Vesu area it is highly unlikely that you won’t find numerous Frankie vendors standing at their stalls selling Frankies. They offer various kinds of Frankies like cheese Frankie, mayonnaise Frankie, Schezwan Frankie, chipotle Frankie, panner Frankie, corn Frankie, Manchurian Frankie, and many such other options. You must try each one of them, this is one of the many items which offers so many flavours and each one is full of flavour and appetizing that it just adds to your to have to list for the next trip to surat.


Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the most savoured food and loved by each one of us. It is full of vegetables which make it healthy in a way along with being very delightful to taste. It is served with a generous amount of butter topped along with some freshly chopped onions and lemon juice. The butter-toasted pav is eaten along with the bhaji.



Yes, the famous 2 minutes noodles make their way into the list of street food in surat. These noodles are most loved by teenagers and college going students as they are not only appetizing but have a good flavour that fulfils our tongue and are less time consumable. There are various places where Maggie is made available by vendors adding their own mixes making this food item more demandable.


Dessert is an important part of our meal. A sweet delight is necessary to satisfy our tummy. In surat people are seen sitting on footpaths, talking and gossiping about everyday things, laughing on silly jokes and enjoying their desserts. Here we have mentioned some famous and loved dessert of people living in surat and people visiting this golden city.


Ice Dish

Ice-covered with dry fruits and various flavoured syrups are a very unique dish of surat. You can order any flavoured Ice Dish as per your liking that is the best part of this dish.



You can find various kulfi vendors at night when taking a walk in the streets of surat. They offer mango, badam, strawberry and many such other flavoured kulfis which are a delight


Cold Coco

The most served and the most loved sweet drink of surat. There are various places that are especially known for the coco they sell like A- one Cold Coco.



Ever thought fry fruits would be made so fun? Badamshake is the perfect blend of almonds and milk which is so savouring is taste and fills the stomach to the fullest.



Surat is known for its Ghari all over India. Ghari is made of puri batter, milk ‘mawa’, ghee and sugar – made into round shapes with a sweet filling. It is also available in many varieties and flavours such as pistachio, almond-elaychi and mawa. It is usually made and eaten at the Chandni Padva festival.



These are sweet dishes that are fruit-based and curd desserts. They are available in various flavours in surat from mango, custard to chocolate. You must try custard shrikhand as it is highly recommended and most loved.


Salam Paak

Salam Paak is a sweet dish mostly made in winters with many nutrients present in it hence very famous not just for its taste but benefits health as well. It is made with a liberal quantity of ghee, sugar, mawa, salam masala powder, and nuts.



Falooda is an Indian sweet dish with a cold version made with noodles, mixing rose syrups, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds with milk, often served with ice cream. Many people in surat are inclined towards having this dessert and so surti vendors have come up with various flavours offering numerous options.



It is creamy delicious and flavorful usually taken in summers to quest the thirst and heat. It is a blend of custard powder with milk garnished with various fruits like banana, apple, chickoo, pomegranate, etc.


Surat is no only known for the vegetarian dishes it offers, despite the unexpected it offers its own unique blend of various meat dishes which are a must-try. Eggs are the most loved and you will find eggs stalls in almost every corner of surat. Confused about what to choose? Do not fret, we are here to help you recommend the best egg dishes in Surat.



There’s no ghotala in the world which will be preferred by people except for this popular street dish invented by surtis. It is a spicy, flavorful, mashed egg preparation had with bread. It is the outstanding newest and best culinary takeaway.



It is an easy recipe but the flavour it offers is scrumptious. The ingredients used are pretty simple offering a delightful taste in every bite.



This is the most made and basic dish made by scrambling eggs and cooking them with spices and garnishing them with crushed coriander leaves at the end. It is a very much loved and eaten dish in surat due to the flavours it offers.



Egg Keema is made using minced meat. Boiled eggs are grinded and spices and herbs are offered. It is eaten with chapatti or plain paratha or bread.



Omelette is made from beaten eggs, fried with oil or butter in a frying pan. In surat various types of omelettes are available with numerous stuffings like cheese, chives, vegetables, mushrooms, meat or some combinations of the above mentioned stuffings.


In Surat, there are not only stalls which provide you with street food but there are various big and small shops which offer desirable food items. Here we provide with you the list of various places where you will find all the street food with the best taste in surat.

1)Mini Meals
Address: Moolchand Market, Moti Begumwadi, New Textile Market, Surat, Gujarat 395003.
This place has it all, from north Indian food to Chinese food along with all the street food options.

Address: Ground Floor Royal Palace, L1, Ghod Dod Rd, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395007.
It is the most popular food place which offers the best street food in town. It offers amazing Frankies and the Pani Puri stall here is always filled with people.

3)Janta Ice Cream
Address: Shop No. 5, 162, Haripura Main Rd, Golwala Chaklo, Ruwala Tekro, Mahidharpura, Haripura, Surat, Gujarat 395003
This place has been established years ago but the quality of tastes never differs. All the ice creams offered are so good. It also offers various thick shakes, milkshakes and cocos.

4)Jani Locho House
Address: Shop No, Ground Floor Chandralok complex, 4, Navyug College Rd, Near Petrol Pump, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009
In for some tasty lochos? This is the best place to go to have the tastiest lochos in surat.

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5)Surat Khaman House
Address: Shreeji Arcade, Shreeji Arcade, U-, U-33, Anand Mahal Rd, Behind Bhulka Bhavan School, Opp Reliance Fresh, Guru Ram Pavan Bhumi, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009
This place offers all the farsaan food items from Khaman, Idli, Dhokla to Khandvi, Patra and many more. It is very famous in surat as it upholds its quality and prices are very affordable.

6)Mahesh Pav Bhaji
Address- Shop 1-2 Garden View Appartment, Chatrapati Shivaji Marg, Surat, Gujarat 395009
This place is always crowded with people due to the amazing pav bhaji it offers. The wait here is always worth it.

7)Kailash Sweets
Address: Shop No 18,19 Mission Shopping Centre, Opposite Bharat Petrol Pump Athwalines Road Ramnagar, Athwa Gate, Surat, Gujarat 395007.
The Samosa and Kachori offered are so loved from this place. Many big orders are placed here for various events.

8)Mr. Egg Corner
Address: Shop No -3, Navjivan Industrial Society, Udhana – Magdalla Rd, opp. Unique Hospital, me, Sosyo Circle, Surat.
Best egg items are made available here with varied items which are seriously unbelievable. The food quality and quantity is very promising and sufficient.

Address: Ganga Jamna Society Rd, Sarthi Society, Nana Varachha, Surat, Gujarat 395006.
This place’s tanginess and spiciness flavour are so satisfying to the tongue which makes it very popular for snacks and drinks.

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10)Nav Durga
Address: Shop No. 47, Laxmi Enclave, opp. Gajera School, near Gangor, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat 395004.
This place offers a great deal of sandwiches and toasties. It is open even at midnight and the services are all the time available.

11)Delhi Chaat Wala
Address: outside Umiya Sweets, VIP Galleria, surat, Gujarat.
You will find the best chaat and bhel in surat at this place. If you ever crave some good chaat then you definitely can’t miss out on this place. All the ingredients used are always freshly made available.