Distillery resonates the prohibition era but with a hint of adventure and modernism, making the blacks even blacker, the fires smokier, the liquor stronger and the women prettier. The bar is all set to take you back to the golden era of gramophones, cigars, and gangsters. A bar that never goes out of liquor and a dance floor that’s never out of RAD music, this place is the party hub for millennial’s. Borrowed from the styles and textures of the popular era and fusing them ‘to match today’s taste, Distillery is a handmade hybrid of the old and new.

Cuisines: Bar Food,North-Indian,Italian,Chinese,European

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Dineout(Rating:4.6): Use the link to explore the offer.

Eazydiner(Rating:3.8):Use the link to explore the offer.


Nearbuy(Rating:4.5):Use the link to explore the offer.https://www.nearbuy.com/gurgaon/distillery-craft-beer-and-cocktails-sector-29/must-try?merchantId=313854&as=Distillery%20-%20Craft%20Beer%20%26%20Cocktails%2C%20Sector%2029

Photos Credit: Zomato
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